As a national leader in Optometry, Dr. Mesheca C. Bunyon, O.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Mesheca) is a recognized author, national speaker, and consultant. In addition, Dr. Mesheca is a sought after expert to medical practices and health organizations to implement office optimization strategies. These strategies include procurement of quality and effective staff, the creation of essential office documents and facilitating staff workshops and retreats.

I am now in my 20th year of practice and a leader in Optometry. I graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry as an award-winning student and leader in the National Optometric Student Association. As a leader I have had the pleasure of serving as President of the Central Maryland Optometric Society, Recording Secretary of the National Optometric Association, Regional Trustee of the National Optometric Association and Co-Founder of the Four Brown Eyes social media group, one of the largest online community of minority Optometrists and students. I am the current President of the Maryland Board of Examiners in Optometry. I have also been a member of the American Schools and Colleges of Optometry diversity and cultural competence committee. I have had the privilege to work in a variety of settings as an optometrist which includes: corporate, health maintenance organization, refractive surgery centers, ophthalmology offices, and co-owner of Special Eye Care for over 14 years with my husband, Dr. Lamont Bunyon. I have served the community with free vision screenings and speaking engagements to local schools to educate about the importance of eye care. I also serve my community in several organizations through a variety of community service programs. I have faithfully served over 1000,000 people in my community in Greater Washington, DC and Prince Georges County. I envision my consulting to help doctors in all specialties with finding and optimizing their staff.

Optometry has always been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I was extremely nearsighted and would see my local Optometrist, Dr. Alvin Baum, a Pearl Vision franchisee, several times a year. Dr. Baum was a local celebrity in my town of Richmond, Virginia. Not only was he one of the few pediatric eye care providers, but he was also a clown in the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. My experience going to Dr. Baum’s office was one of fun and excitement. Dr. Baum’s staff always greeted me and the other children with smiles, balloons, and treats. Dr. Baum would greet me sometimes having his full clown suit on, putting me at ease about going to his office. It was natural for me to think about being an Optometrist during my tenure at Morgan State University.

While my journey to becoming an Optometrist and resume over the past 20 years sounds impeccable, let me share the other part of my story. Let me share with you the most real part of my story, the story that kept me up at night and has continued to push me harder to my goal to help others. With all of my leadership skills and love for optometry, I found myself bouncing from one practice to the next practice, feeling unfulfilled and unhappy mainly because of the environment that I found myself working in. That environment included long days seeing countless patients and surrounded by support staff that was unmotivated and unhappy to help make my life easier at work. Not only was the staff unhappy, but the doctors that I worked with were also frustrated, unhappy and disgruntled as well. This was not the optometry experience that I looked forward to in comparison to my visits to Dr. Alvin Baum’s office. The toxic environment got to me so much in March of 2016 that I began to go to my car most days at lunch and just cry my eyes out, hating the overwhelming feeling that consumed me. I felt as though I was on a hamster wheel that I could not get off of. I found myself involved in self-destructive behaviors that almost cost me my marriage and family. I sought medical help from my physician in order to help me cope. I became overweight, depressed and developed high blood pressure. I was ashamed, embarrassed and afraid that I had not only lost myself but the main people that loved me the most. I knew that I needed to make serious changes, including therapy and leaving my job to find the happiness that I knew dwelled deep inside of me.

Here is the good news: I got myself to a much better place through prayer and guidance, rebuilt my marriage with my husband and became a happier and healthier mom. I also began to think about how I can develop a business that would use my leadership, knowledge, make me happier and help other vision care providers to optimize their support staff in order to make more money and have successful and happy practices.


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